E.I.G. CEO’s Intonation

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Alhamdullilah. It’s time for us to keep going ahead to strive for the best. Now we are on track to strengthen up the company by building Enima Network International Group (E.I.G) which is now based in Bandar Saujana Putra and soon will expand to Jakarta in 2019.

As a CEO | Founder of E.I.G., I want to invite you together “Building Our Economy In Congregation” with us.

I would like to ANNOUNCE of the New Team Management Appointed for E.I.G.

  • CEO of E.I.G.
    Ahmad Raznee Abd Rauf  
  • COO E.I.G.
    Al Fadil Ustaz Sharifuddin Bujang  
  • CMO E.I.G.
    Mr. Razif Abd Rahman  
  • BDM E.I.G.
    Masta Coach Muhammad Hashimie Abdullah

Congratulations to all E.I.G.’s New Management Team!

I am very sure that there will be good bonding relation between Management Team and Leaders in E.I.G. 

Jazakallah Kyar

A new phenomenon that changes everything

Enima International Group

Haji Ahmad Raznee Abd Rauf